Training tomorrow’s workforce

July 3, 2018

Stephen Tucker, President & CEO of Northland Workforce Training Center, discusses the importance of manufacturing in our region's future.

0:44- What is Northland Workforce Training Center?

7:41- Making manufacturing attractive to young people

10:52- Earning while you're learning

19:19- Buffalo Bills break 17-year playoff drought. Thanks, Cincinnati Bengals! 


Everybody’s got a guy or gal

June 20, 2018

Don De Laria brought his business, Larkin Express Logistics, to Buffalo. Since, he's seen exactly why we've earned the name 'The City of Good Neighbors.'

3:43 - Nothing like that Buffalo work ethic

5:48 - Invest Buffalo Niagara's role

12:58 - We're hiring!

20:59 - Kentucky Fried Chicken


Shift(ing) advanced manufacturing

June 6, 2018

Liz Callahan stops by to talk about Buffalo Manufacturing Works and their newest program, Shift.

3:03- Pounding the pavement

8:41- Robots with a human touch

15:31- Moving to Northland Corridor

17:27- Chicken wings!


Mr. Mayor

May 9, 2018

City of Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown graciously gave his time to discuss economic development accomplishments in Buffalo during International Economic Development Week. 

1:01- The accolades keep rolling in!
8:28- Furthering retail development
9:14- City of Good Neighbors for refugees and immigrants
11:54- Making Buffalo's revitalization accessible to all
22:01- If you were a flavor of ice cream, what would you be?


At the border

April 18, 2018

Rosanna Berardi is managing partner at Berardi Immigration Law and a cross-border expert. On this episode of Bell Ringer she shares some of that expertise, with some help from special guest Carolyn Powell of Invest Buffalo Niagara.


Easy commute

April 4, 2018

Katie O'Sullivan walks the walk and, on this episode of Bell Ringer, talks the talk. She discusses Go Buffalo Niagara, an organization committed to bettering transportation options throughout our region.


Pitch Buffalo Niagara

March 15, 2018

Buffalo founder Adrian Dayton shares about his company, ClearView Social, and how you can use it to help Pitch Buffalo Niagara.


Buffalo is easy

February 28, 2018

Dr. Steven Schwaitzberg came to Buffalo from Boston and to the University at Buffalo from Harvard Medical School. And he loves Buffalo. Find out why Buffalo's ease converted Dr. Schwaitzberg and more!


Cyber security

February 12, 2018

Jennifer Beckage, partner at Phillips Lytle, stops by to talk about data security and how to prepare your business. My dates were all messed up-- their event is THURSDAY February 15, and you can register at their website. Thank you for listening!


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Talking cities– Buffalo to be exact

January 17, 2018

Matt Enstice, president and CEO of the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, stops by Bell Ringer to talk cities-- Buffalo to be exact. We didn't forget to cover his time at Saturday Night Live, either.

2:41- Saturday Night Live
14:10- Technology is premium
19:47- Help push Buffalo forward
20:38- Buffalo is the perfect size
28:01- Matt's favorite episode of his podcast, Talking Cities.